New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners is a federation of private woodlot owner Associations from around the province. The New Brunswick regional forest products marketing boards are members of the NBFWO.

Therefore if you are a member of your local marketing board you are also a member of the federation. New members are welcome; any private woodlot owner association in NB is eligible to be a member of the NBFWO.

New Brunswick Woodlot Owners are often families and small property owners with wood to sell. They don't have a big voice and, without their marketing boards, would be virtually unable to negotiate a fair deal with large industrial buyers. 


our history

In 1977 the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Producers was incorporated, with the purpose of representing private woodlot owners and workers in the market place, industry, and government. In 1985 it was renamed the New Brunswick Federations of Woodlot Owners / Federations des propiétaires de lots boisé du N-B Inc, with the objective of supporting private woodlot owners being sustained.