Relevant Organizations:


What’s Spruce Budworm?

 - The

Healthy Forest Partnership

 is a four-year research initiative that started in 2014, dedicated to keeping our forest green and healthy by protecting it from spruce budworm.


Carbon Pricing


Community Forests International

owns a 705- acre woodlot that has stored carbon valued at $ 300,000. Learn about what the best carbon pricing system is for woodlot owners, and how you can make it happen.


Sustainable Forest Management

- The

Fundy Model Forest

is a partnership that works to advance sustainable forest management in New Brunswick Forests. It is 1 of the 7 Canadian Model Forests, which are a part of the International Model Forest Network.


Environmental Protection

- The

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick

is a non-profit organization that creates awareness of environmental problems and advances practical solutions through research, education and interventions.


Sustaining Your Woodlot

- The

New Brunswick Community Land Trust

, a charitable, volunteer driven organization is eligible to provide landowners with a number of conservation tools, which ensures their working lands remain available for sustainable production into the future.

Related Associations:

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