The NB Federation of Woodlot Owners, was created in 1977 as the NB Federation of Wood Producers Inc for the following purposes:

  • To organize & bargain for a fair price for everyone in the primary sector of the forest industry;
  • To organize & promote good forest management;
  • To encourage & promote good relationships with the wood using industries;
  • To encourage & promote the development of new wood using industries & expansion of present wood using industries;
  • To study the long range use of woods available & promote industries that give a better price for wood;
  • To work to develop & establish the plans and programs necessary to achieve relative income security for all persons working in the woods;
  • To cooperate with government departments & other organizations with similar objectives;
  • To elicit funds from government & the public;
  • To promote & protect the interests & conserve the rights of those engaged in lumbering operations or the manufacture, sale or distribution of lumber;
  • To secure uniformity in usage, customs and trade conditions<;/li>
  • To promote business and audit information and statistics of interest to the trade;
  • To receive property and add it to the capital assets of the Federation.
In 1985 the name was changed to NB Federations of Woodlot Owners / Federations des propiétaires de lots boisé du N-B inc.